Winter 2020 Graduate at North Shore High School
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Individualized Education Programs

Finding a high school that truly supports students with Individual Education Plans can be overwhelming. Often the hardest part is knowing where to find a diploma program that will provide every special education student the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. The Special Education Team at North Shore High School will offer a continuum of services to successfully meet the needs of all students. At North Shore High School, we believe special education is a collaborative process between students, teachers, families, and administration.
North Shore High School provides a positive and individualized atmosphere for students with special needs and learning differences. Our comprehensive model supports success for students of all needs and various learning differences. Our team based approach empowers students to identify and optimize their potential. As Intervention Specialists develop individual IEPs, accommodations and modifications are developed to allow students to be most successful in the classroom. A few examples include providing the use of technology, repetition, attention to learning styles, read aloud, material at the student’s level of comprehension.
The Team at North Shore High School developed a school for students, not teachers and adults. The school is designed to be flexible and puts students front and center with everything from scheduling to curriculum. When possible, hands on learning or alternative projects are provided. Students may be given assignments to explain concepts and ideas in greater depth. Alternative approaches may be developed for students as needed.
North Shore High School is committed to meeting the educational needs of all students. Our Special Education team is responsible for determining eligibility for special education services and the coordination of special education and other related services.