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What Ages Can enroll at North Shore?
North Shore High School is proud to offer graduation opportunities for incoming freshmen and students who need an alternative pathway to graduation. North Shore High School offers students an opportunity to enroll up to their 22nd birthday. Call today to create your plan to graduate with NS High School.
Is this only a school for Drop-Outs?
North Shore High School offers flexible plans for ALL STUDENTS. Our diploma is a state recognized high school diploma. All students are welcomed to enroll with North Shore High School.

How much does it cost?
North Shore High School offers a completely FREE high school diploma program. If you need assistance with technology, internet, or transportation we can provide that too!

What do I need to enroll? (Acceptable POR list).
Students must supply a proof of residency to enroll with North Shore. A proof of residency document will be a bill in the name of a guardian or in the name of the enrolling student. Ask our enrollment specialist how easy it is to provide the various acceptable documents. We will need your birth certificate as well, but we can help you get a new birth certificate and complete your enrollment today!

Do I need to come to school Everyday?

Students at North Shore are encouraged to come to school everyday, but students can work at their pace. Graduation plans may involve project based learning, working on projects from home, or working in person with a certified teacher. Call today to create your personalized graduation plan.

Is your school attending in person or are you remote learning?
North Shore High School wants to meet the needs of all students. Want to work from home, we will support you. Want to attend in person, we can't wait to see you!

Do you provide transportation?
Transportation is provided for any students who are attending in person. Need to enroll and start right away, we will send a ride. 

What are your hours?
North Shore is in session each day between 8:00 and 4:30. Do you need an online enrollment session, a late night enrollment, or even a Saturday school tour; please let us know we would love to help you start your path towards graduation.

What Kind of diploma will I earn?
A North Shore High School Diploma is a State Recognized and Highly Respected Diploma accepted by all colleges and universities.

What about my transcript/other credits
Part of our enrollment process is working to collect all of your credits from any of your previous schools. Enroll, get started, and let us complete your new transcript and graduation plan!

Do you have credit recovery?