Winter 2020 Graduate at North Shore High School

Star Student of the Month: Kaitlynn Johnston



I am Kaitlynn Johnston and I am a proud Graduate of North Shore High School. I started my senior year at North Shore in August of 2020. During this time, my STNA internship had been interrupted by the Coronavirus Shutdown but with the support of all the faculty and the fast track program I completed my course work in December of 2020. In addition, I had the opportunity to enroll and complete a State Tested Nurse Aide program to begin my journey in the medical Field.  Since completing the STNA program I have been working in home health care and look forward to moving into a hospital setting as I pursue my Bachelors Degree in Nursing. In closing, if your educational or career goals were delayed, reach out to the North Shore High School family because receiving your tassel will be worth the COVID-19 hassle!

Best Wishes,